Nuclear-powered Dragonfly mission to Saturn moon Titan delayed until 2028, NASA says  Space.comNASA's Dragonfly Mission to Titan Faces Further Delays  GizmodoDragonfly delayed – formal confirmation of journey to Saturn's moon slips into 2024  The RegisterTitan Dragonfly is Go!.... for Phase C  Universe TodayNASA's Dragonfly to Proceed with Final Mission Design Work  Science@NASAView Full coverage on Google News
Key Ingredient For Life Discovered in The Last Place Astronomers Expected  ScienceAlertAstronomers detect life ingredient on the edge of the galaxy  The IndependentView Full coverage on Google News
SpaceX rockets burn more and more red holes in the atmosphere  Business InsiderScientists Warn That SpaceX Launches Are Tearing Small Holes in the Sky  FuturismSpaceX’s Rockets Are Tearing Too Many Holes In The Sky Worry Astronomers  WccftechReturning SpaceX Rockets Are Creating Bright 'Holes' in the Sky  GizmodoAstronomers Have One Person To Blame For Tearing Blood-Red 'Atmospheric Holes' In The Sky, Apparently  Daily CallerView Full coverage on Google News
Fermi has Found More than 300 Gamma-Ray Pulsars  Universe Today300 gamma-ray-blasting neutron stars found in massive haul — and some are 'spider pulsars'  Space.comNASA's Fermi mission rewrites astrophysics with discovery of 294 gamma-ray pulsars  IndiaTimesNASA’s Fermi Mission Finds 300 Gamma-Ray Pulsars  NASA VideoView Full coverage on Google News
Dolphins Can Sense Electric Fields, Which Isn’t That Shocking  The New York TimesDolphins Reveal a Mysterious Hidden Sense: They Can Detect Electric Fields  ScienceAlertDolphins have a feel for electric fields  Nature.comBottlenose Dolphins Can Sense Electricity, Study Finds  GizmodoBottlenosed dolphins might hunt fish by sensing their electric fields  Science News MagazineView Full coverage on Google News
China`s rover finds geometric shapes under Martian surface  WIONZhurong rover detects mysterious polygons beneath the surface of Mars  Phys.orgChina's Mars Lander Detects Subsurface Geometrical Shapes in Scientific First  ScienceAlertThere are Mysterious Polygons Beneath the Surface of Mars  Universe TodayView Full coverage on Google News
Orcas Hunt Great White Sharks for Their Liver in Australia, Confirmed  Business InsiderView Full coverage on Google News
The serotine bat is the first mammal known to copulate without penetration  EL PAÍS USAThe sex lives of animals: three hours of foreplay – and mass orgies on the move  The GuardianView Full coverage on Google News
Spider Pulsars are Tearing Apart Stars in the Omega Cluster  Universe TodayView Full coverage on Google News
Small marine creatures swimming in plastic chemicals not reproducing  Science DailyPlastic waste may be disrupting the sex lives of marine animals  Earth.comView Full coverage on Google News
New Astrophysics Model Unveils the Secrets of Long Gamma-Ray Bursts  SciTechDailyNew astrophysics model sheds light on additional source of long gamma-ray bursts  Phys.orgView Full coverage on Google News
One of the largest magnetic storms in history quantified: Aurorae from the tropics to the polar regions  Phys.orgView Full coverage on Google News
‘Star Of Bethlehem’ Shines, Year’s Best ‘Shooting Stars’ And Betelgeuse Eclipsed: December’s Night Sky  ForbesDecember Astronomy: What's in the North Texas sky this month?  NBC 5 Dallas-Fort WorthAstrophotography in December 2023: what to shoot in the night sky next month  Digital Camera WorldView Full coverage on Google News
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